How’s yours coming?

I felt no need to pop in too early this morning, or even give notice a few days in advance, because everyone knows today is Prep Your Home Video Setting Day, and thusly I’ve been involved in that, among various other tasks. I am starting to get into another video project, a fairly major one (for me, anyway,) and it’s going to require a lot of clips. At times, this will mean a background that is not cluttered, distracting, or somehow oogy, so I had to clear off a portion of my desk in Walkabout Studios (otherwise known as, “my desk,”) just to appear fleetingly in the background. Worse, my work mat had gotten warped through the incautious application of hot objects, so I had to reheat it and hold it flat with a piece of glass until it cooled thoroughly to correct the warp – can’t have a warped mat appear; what would people think?

(Plus it had been bothering me, so as good a time as any…)

“When will we all be able to see this completed video?” you demand breathlessly, and I reply, It’s gonna be a while yet – there’s a lot to do. But since today is the holiday, that’s the motivation to get it moving…

portion of Walkabout Studios workspace

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