Monday color 3

lavendar crocus closeupI have a lot of purple in the ‘color’ folder, so I’m trying to space them out adequately, but I suppose they’ll be spaced out with other photos as we go anyway.

(“But Al,” you say, or at least there’s a greater probability of such if you’re female, “that’s not purple, that’s mauve/amethyst/heliotrope/whateverthefuck.” Sure, fine. I stand corrected.)

Anyway, the vivid contrast between the flower petals and the pollen-burdened genitalia was what attracted my attention, this being last year’s crocus blooms. I admit I did not return to try the same shot when the light was muted by clouds, just to see what difference there would have been in the color – believe it or not, sometimes this makes the colors seem richer, with more subtleties showing through. I’ll be back at some point and demonstrate the difference.