Living in the past XIV

I threatened to do this, and it was not a mere bluff – I’m going through with it, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.

[Well, there probably is, but let’s not go there…]

We’re back to revisiting some of the images from years past that I particularly liked, and this one certainly counts – dating from 2014, it’s been a part of a read more

Monday color 28

No exact species for this one, just a crocus planted by The Girlfriend’s Younger Sprog at the old place last year, a welcome bit of early spring color while nearly everything else was dismal. But for giggles, we’ll boldly defy the topic and go monochrome, in a special way.

This is the same image, converted to greyscale, but with one important distinction: read more

Equinox color

Yes, of course I had to post today, but I also had to post a few images from the other day, since today is grey and rainy. So most of what you’ll see here is from Tuesday’s trip over to a botanical garden.

You don’t need me to tell you this if you spend any time online at all, because plenty of other sites just love throwing out trivia of this nature, but it’s the equinox read more

Monday color 3

I have a lot of purple in the ‘color’ folder, so I’m trying to space them out adequately, but I suppose they’ll be spaced out with other photos as we go anyway.

(“But Al,” you say, or at least there’s a greater probability of such if you’re female, “that’s not purple, that’s mauve/amethyst/heliotrope/whateverthefuck.” read more

Spring and equinox and all that jazz

Shocked as I am to report it, the calendar event of the vernal equinox and the weather coincided quite well – the skies cleared and the temperature got into the twenties (or the seventies, if you prefer,) so I did indeed get out to chase a few spring subjects. It was exceedingly few – it’s still a little early for spring in North Carolina, and more so with the temperature fluctuations read more

I always wanted to try this

This is the result of my little experiment, one that I’ve wanted to try for years now and never got around to, despite having the gizmo I needed. It needs work, but not bad for a first time.

Okay, more or less first. I’ve done this with a lunar eclipse some years back now, but this is the first for a plant subject. You’ve seen these before, and better too – for instance, without read more


A nice big pic to brighten your day. You know I’m gonna be back to bugs as soon as they’re around, so enjoy this while you can.

The Girlfriend’s Younger Sprog had planted a bunch of bulbs late last year, and the first indications of them were already up in January. This crocus had bloomed out nicely, then the storms came and it vanished under 10cm of snow. I had read more