Little bites. Maybe

pre-sunrise off North Topsail Beach, NC
As intimated in the previous post, we just got back from a week’s stay at the beach, and of course this will be covered in excruciating detail. However, I think I may take a different approach this time, doing shorter posts of singular topics – which means more posts, but of fewer words at a time. Or at least I’ll try; this is me we’re talking about, so who knows whether I’m even capable of that.

Right now this is just a teaser, mostly because I don’t feel like writing much at the moment. This trip wasn’t the best we’ve had, marred by bad weather, cold temperatures, and some idiotic gas situation, which illustrates one of the reasons that I don’t like pre-planned trips: you’re stuck with the conditions that you couldn’t foresee weeks or months ahead, and seriously, this has to be the coldest May I’ve experienced since moving south.

But I’ve still got plenty of photos to feature, so brace yourself.

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