Monday color 9

wild strawberry in dew lenses
There are a few photographers that are doing this technique now, which not only requires high magnification, it demands a pretty specific layout, the water droplets having to be positioned just right near a distinctive subject (usually a flower blossom.) Only, it’s pretty rare to find something that can suspend a near-globular water drop at the right height to capture a flower behind, and I’ve suspected an awful lot of those images are carefully staged, rather than found. Nevertheless, this one was, indeed, found exactly like this, requiring only the addition of some strong light. Early one morning the mist/dew had liberally coated everything with fine drops, and while looking for interesting uses for these conditions, I spotted the wild strawberry. This was shot while lying flat on my side, lens nestled between other stalks of the weeds nearby, the strawberry providing this tiny patch of red about a centimeter wide among all the greenery, just above ground level. I’m pleased with how it all worked.

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