Monday color 23

unknown peach-colored flower
I can’t tell you what this is, from ongoing laziness. It is a flower blossom shot in a botanical garden in January, and it was either unmarked there (which I suspect,) or I failed to look at the identification tag when I shot the image (which I’ll simply accept as something that happens too often.) And now, I’m not going to do a search on flowers to try and determine what it is. If you really want to know, then you will grown more personally by having to figure it out on your own. Always thinking of the reader – that’s me.

Normally, this color of blossom in this kind of lighting is asking for trouble; it becomes very easy to bleach out the highlights to pure white in the camera, especially with such a dark background. However, because it took up so much of the frame and the exposure meter able to use the blossom itself for the majority of the exposure setting, the color remained and the shape of the petals was highlighted – curiously, it has become hard to tell where one petal stops and another begins, having the appearance of just one collar around the brilliant yellow center. They’re there, if you look. Meanwhile, there is virtually no pure white or pure black in the image at all, though large portions come close. It is a high-contrast image that still remained within the camera’s narrow dynamic range. And still conveys color, so here it is on Monday.

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