Monday color 30

green sweat bee Halictidae on partridge pea blossom
This Monday color comes from the same outing related here, as a member of the Halictidae family, otherwise known as sweat bees, partakes of the flower of a partridge pea plant (Chamaecrista fasciculata.) It’s funny – I grew up calling them sweat bees like everyone else in my neighborhood, but adult me (okay, bigger me, sheesh) figured this was a colloquial term and so I didn’t bother using it when searching for the species, but it appears this is a common name for them.

The framing with the out-of-focus leaves to the right, by the way, was perfectly intentional – I’m a strong believer in keeping elements of that nature complete in the frame, and it continued the emphasis towards the right that is maintained by both the bee and the flower. The soft lighting, I think, adds a lot to the shot.