Monday color 40

unidentified variety of milkweed Asclepiadaceae blossomsFor this week’s Monday color we have a variety of milkweed flowers (family Asclepiadaceae,) looking somehow unreal, possibly due to the heavy haze light conditions. Milkweed species have a wide range of colors, from white to pale pink to deep orangey-red, but so far I have found none that seem to have orange flowers with this magenta center, so this might be a hybrid. Butterfly milkweeds are orange, but from what I can see, the color is the same throughout. I’ll leave it up to the horticulturalists and botanists to fret over.

A wide aperture allowed the background to go notably indistinct, and the flowers and buds being in nearly the same plane kept them sharp enough to be distinguished, but milkweed flowers look better from an angle other than straight down from the top – maybe I’ll feature further examples soon, for comparison.

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