I predict…

… there will be more posts coming in the uncertain future, with photos and trivia, and perhaps some changes to the regular content.

There. That sounds much better than my excuses for not posting something substantial now, right?

Maybe not.

reflection of Canada goose Branta canadensisAnyway, I’ve been juggling various tasks and projects, and I have two posts definitely in the works – the problem is, one is about mantids again and I want to space it out, even though it’s by far the easiest to write, while the other will take more prep time than I’ve been able to give. So, you get this semi-abstract image while I fill a little space telling you about some idle thoughts.

One possible change is, again, podcasting. I tried it some time back, carried it for a year, then let it go – I wasn’t sure it added anything except a lot of preparation. But on listening to George Hrab’s Geologic podcast recently, I have been toying with the idea of changing the format a bit; instead of just reading off a longer philosophical post, I may try recounting various experiences when out doing nature photography. You see, I’d settled on the ‘audiobook’ format because I didn’t want a lot of pauses and “uhhh”s in there, and because I felt that some of the stuff I’d written gained more emphasis from verbal delivery, making it the obvious choice for the experiment. Trying the new approach does mean that I will be working (poetic license abused there) off-the-cuff, with all the oral foibles that I am prone, while attempting a coherent story, an interesting delivery, and an acceptable amount of humor. This may be a serious mistake on all of those counts, but I will be trying some dry runs first, so they’ll have to pass my standards before they appear here (like that’s reassuring.) If nothing ever appears, well, let’s just say you were spared.

The podcasting thing was resurrected from my photography habits, which is possibly not what you’re imagining; it’s not all just taking pictures. I often end up with a lot of images to sort, which means deleting those which don’t pass muster, pondering if any particular image passes muster, and shifting the keepers into the appropriate categories, as well as adding the information about the image to a database (the part that I’m really behind on right now.) It’s time-consuming, and I usually have music playing when it’s going on, but recently tried finding some decent podcasts to let play while I work. After doing a search for the better comedy podcasts, Geologic won out over the others by a wide margin; most of them were too scattered, had a clash of too many voices, or simply lacked anything interesting to say. George Hrab is engaging, involved in the content, and not overly-concerned with trying to “be more funny,” nor competing with other voices; it is, as far as I’m concerned, how it should be done. Plus, anyone that can rip off a subtle quote from Midnight Run gains a lot of Brownie points from Al. So many, in fact, that he’s now been added to the blogroll on the sidebar.

Will my attempts even approach Geologic’s level? No. Will I be trying to shamelessly copy his style? No – despite my obvious shamelessness. Is this something I shouldn’t be doing at all? Quite possibly. We’ll just have to see what happens.

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