Isn’t it always the way?

pond slider Trachemys scripta being all cool
After, really, far too long without anything of interest to photograph, I finally got out to do some shots, and had some time set aside to write a post. Alas, other things intervened, and I’m here putting up a brief missive to fill in between two ‘ancient lore’ posts, because I don’t really have time for something more substantial.

I will say, however, that this is the first post from within the new Linux system, as I am making good on my threat/vow/rant and getting myself free from Windows. I finally got back to working on it, installed Linux Mint as a dual-boot on my primary computer so I could easily go back to my old operating system as needed, and have otherwise been making sure I have everything I need to perform all of the tasks that I routinely tackle. There have been a few pitfalls and frustrations, but overall it’s been going a little better than expected.

Anyway, more will be along as soon as I can devote a little time to it. Next up, however, is the (so far) weekly installment of digital images from the depths of history.