Things to come

Bodie Island lighthouse, and what you don't seeThis is just a hint, because there are several posts getting lined up right now but it’ll take me a little bit to get to them. Feel free to guess how I spent the past couple of days.

I’m trying to keep my posts and photos mostly in the order of which they occurred, which might spark the question of why? And mostly, the answer is that it’s what works for me. Naturally, there are images and subjects that are stronger than others, and if I jump to the strongest, that reduces the motivation to get back to the rest; with my time and schedule (using the word extremely loosely) being what it is lately, this might result only in fewer posts. So I keep things in order to build to them, making some posts ‘dessert’ if you will. Whatever, it works, stop looking at me like that.

Completely switching topics now, this particular composition is what I call, “creative hiding” – it’s partially about trying to do something different with a fairly common (some might say ‘over-photographed’) subject, and partially about intentionally masking some elements in the scene that worked against it. I talk about this a little in a previous composition post, so you can go there in the meantime and then start looking at this image in an entirely new way, wondering just what it was that I was hiding, and where. It might not be too hard, but the kicker is, did you have any inkling that I was trying to do this before I mentioned it?