Can’t have that

Held back by ghostsLooking at the sidebar, I find there are no posts from the previous years – not for this date nor, apparently, for three days afterward, which is the parameter of the plugin. This just seems wrong somehow (the lack of posts I mean,) so I am obligated to break that pattern.

Assisting me in this endeavor is an image from a few weeks back. Please feel free to examine it for the magnificent insights that it may provide, laying bare the innermost workings of your soul.

Or, since there is almost certainly no such thing as a soul, hopefully instead you noticed the misleading aspect of it, the leaf ‘anchored’ to the reflection of the tree branch. Yes, I specifically positioned myself to bring this about. If you didn’t notice this, then I feel even better about this little trick, as if this makes me somehow smarter or better than you. Well, I mean, even more so than normal.

Yes, the focus being slightly off was also intentional, because see above. The idea was to give a faintly disconnected, dreamlike aspect to it all. Don’t look at me like that. It was.

Okay, fine. Be that way.

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