Monday color 2,683

bumblebees raiding coneflowers
This one’s been sitting in my blog folder since June, waiting for an opportunity, and it will serve nicely in this interim until I get time for more substantial posts. The coneflowers clearly look a bit past peak, but the bees didn’t seem hampered by this, so it’s probably our perceptive biases.

This is another instance where the muted, low contrast light of a deep-haze/semi-overcast sky worked better for the colors than bright sunlight would have – there are more subtleties, less harshness. The shadows don’t become too deep, nor the highlights too bright. Once again, low contrast light for high contrast subjects, and vice versa; it also helps to have some pre-programmed settings on the camera that will assist in those directions, ones you can switch to instantly. This way, you can change subject matter more often without having to return when the light is better.