Podcast: Curséd podcast

That’d be a pretty good idea for a U2 song, wouldn’t it? They need to lighten up a bit and deal with more mundane subjects.

Anyway, nothing at all deep with this one, just the trials of doing something that should be relatively simple.

Walkabout podcast – Curséd podcast

Cold weather tips, as mentioned.

Since, as indicated orally, I am getting this recording system refined a little, there should be another podcast along ‘soon’ – the definition of that is up for grabs though, and still depends on me getting the time and conditions right, but at least I know what the topic will be.

The USB mic that I recently purchased and used for this episode, by the way, is the CAD U1 cardioid dynamic microphone – I’d provide a review but I really don’t know what I’m doing and have few other options to compare it to. For my uses, and so far, it seems to be working well. The software is Audacity, an excellent (and almost universally recommended) bit of freeware that makes quality recording and editing pretty damn simple.

No image to go along with this one, sorry – the ones I talked about trying to get really didn’t turn out worth anything at all. Happens to the best of us… on very rare occasions. My best moon shot can be found here, while one of the coolest that I’ve seen is to be found here, and click on it for the larger version – neither is a supermoon, but you couldn’t tell that from the images. Well, okay, you certainly could for mine because it’s not full, but anyway…