Two down, or up or something

Just a small moment of triumph, kinda. With the reformatting of the main computer under Ubuntu Studio now (a form of Linux operating system,) I had to reinstall several different things that I’d been using, and among them was the MIDI keyboard. MIDI is just a musical interface to take an electronic input (such as a small read more

Just so you know

A couple of years ago, I used this valuable space to opine about acting as (as in, pretending to be) an auto mechanic now, I presently feel the need to express similar feelings about working on computers.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I work on computers all of the time, when you define it as, “engaging in tasks that are facilitated or necessitated by a computer,” and read more

Podcast: Curséd podcast

That’d be a pretty good idea for a U2 song, wouldn’t it? They need to lighten up a bit and deal with more mundane subjects.

Anyway, nothing at all deep with this one, just the trials of doing something that should be relatively simple.

Walkabout podcast – Curséd podcast

Cold weather tips, as mentioned.

Since, as indicated orally, I am getting this recording system refined a little, read more