Sunday slide 16

small dead tree on flood plain holding small surprise
I was originally going to post this one back in the number three slot, but kicked it out because of the lack of color depth you see here – the winter needs no additional grey. Now that things are finally becoming dependably green around here (as you should see within another post or two,) I can go ahead with this.

Jordan Lake is a “manmade” reservoir in the area, with a dam stopping the natural drainage and thus backing the water up along numerous valleys. This meant that quite a few portions of the lake are slightly submerged forests, with the old stumps still visible, which I was pleased to express fairly well with this pic I think. Curiously, it seems like this tree started making another go at it – the branches appear to be newer growth than the roots and base imply, at least.

The morning was just getting over a case of fog and the light was still quite vague, which might have contributed to the next bit, but that’s probably just making excuses. Because, while I stood there over this tree that wasn’t as tall as I was, I never saw the small water snake perched in the branches. It possibly didn’t see me either, being asleep, but when I did another version with the flash, I alerted it to the inordinate danger of photographers, and when I stepped closer I was alerted to its presence as it desperately shot from the branches and disappeared into the water. I really should have seen it sooner.

By the way, if you’re trying to imagine my reaction, it was less dramatic/entertaining than you might think. Such sudden movements or appearances by wildlife happens semi-frequently, and my response is far more of a half-step back and a, “Whoops!” than anything like leaping into the air with a, “YAAAHDAFUCKISTHAT?!?!?” or whatever. Seriously. I’m cool.