Now, today

It’s been hot as hell recently – again – and I haven’t been going out much to chase photos, so I decided this morning before it got too hot to get in a quick session down at Jordan Lake. Spoiler: there wasn’t a lot happening, even though i expected to see ospreys and perhaps eagles finding food for their young. As it was, I have just three images (well, read more

Distributed far and wide

I had planned to have a couple of posts pop up in this past week and was working towards some nice little presentations, but many things happened to prevent this and I simply did not have my shit together even slightly, thus the post title.

Foremost in there was something in recognition of World Migratory Bird Day, specifically some video, but I was having a devil of a time getting a decent audio read more

This weekend

Or specifically, this Saturday (May 11th,) is World Migratory Bird Day – sorry I didn’t let you know sooner, but if it were really important to you, you’d already know anyway. So I’ll take this opportunity to throw down some migratory bird pics from earlier.

Down at Jordan Lake the other day specifically to get some audio recordings (which you’ll hear read more

April’s been bugging me…

… and it needs to go now. But we have a consolation prize, in the form of a ladies’ Speidel watchband and a lovely month-end abstract to go along with it:

I’d like to say this was intentional and it wouldn’t have been hard to accomplish, but this is simply evidence that I accidentally hit the shutter release as I was finished taking a few frames of pre-sunrise read more

Not gold

The Insuperable Mr Bugg (who has abandoned his blog and now relies on [urk!] social media, so you can only see his photos if he’s your ‘friend’ or whatever, while I welcome everyone) and I went down to Jordan Lake for sunrise yesterday, and it performed as typical for this area, which is to say, not very well. Colors peaked a little read more

Trouble with the neighbors

I’ve been sitting on these while I get a few others things done, so the images here all came from four days ago, another trip down to Jordan Lake, in less than ideal conditions, that netted a bit of drama nonetheless. The first bit is, the ospreys have returned.

While the eagles overwinter in the area, being quite well cold adapted (able to be found up near the arctic circle,) read more

Well, it is rut season…

… but I’m doing what little I can to avoid being too deep into it. Meaning we’re going to briefly lean away from the same subject matter for a little bit (meaning, “a post,”) before we go right back to the same rut again. So here are the, um, other subjects from yesterday’s trip to the lake.

As we (meaning the Irascible Mr Bugg and I) walked form the parking spot read more

Some leftovers

Just a few images from the last outing to Jordan Lake – the post regarding that was overrun with sequences from the eagles, so we’ll just squeeze in a couple here.

While it’s easy enough to find double-crested cormorants (Nannopterum auritum) flying individually, they tend towards flocking in gooselike V-formations, but never seem to climb too high. So read more

Enough with the eagles

Mr Bugg and I had another outing to Jordan Lake yesterday, because we’re both intrigued about what might be happening with the eagle pair. The above image is not one of the pair, but a 2nd-year juvenile that nonetheless came much closer than any of the others, and thus provided a better image to open with. What follows will be from much greater distances.

Immediately upon arriving, we could read more

And a crayfish, briefly

National Wildlife Day, which was yesterday, was actually a pretty nice day for February, nicer than February actually deserves because it’s in winter and also spelled stupidly. And since I had a photo outing scheduled, I succeeded in getting plenty of photos of wildlife, if by ‘wildlife’ you mean ‘birds,’ with one exception. A moderate variety of birds too, at least read more

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