Get your butt in gear

Saturday is National Get Outdoors Day (for realsies this time.) I really don’t have to explain this, do I? It’s not even National Stay Outdoors Day, so you’re not obligated to a time frame. Just get out and explore a little, put the toy phone away, try to get bitten by something new. It builds character.

I’m aiming to have something to show off for it afterward, but c’mon, I’m always showing you something from outdoors; we’re not talking about me here. And no fair reversing the door of your house and thinking this counts, as big a fan as I am of Douglas Adams. Out. Side. Sunlight, breeze, maybe rain and tornadoes, whatever. It’s national, so you’re beholden as a citizen.

The 'author' waiting to shoot the green flash at the beach
I like this photo – it almost looks like I’m in shape…