No excuses now

North Topsail Beach just after sunset
Hey! I’m betting you forgot that Saturday – that would be June 9th – is National Get Outdoors Day. And the walk from the house to the car doesn’t count; you’re being graded on this, so let’s see some real effort put into it. If you don’t have some chewed-up areas on your hands and at least five bug bites come Sunday morning, you weren’t trying hard enough.

And if your boss is telling you that you’re supposed to be working that day, we’ll have none of that nonsense. Give me their number – I’ll take care of it. Rest assured, you’ve got someone with some pull on your side now.

So go do something fun, or perhaps even environmentally beneficial, like leaving the gas-powered whatsit aside and going on strictly human power. Ignore the toy phone for a while (and that includes selfies.) Whatever, there are no guidelines or rules, just get out there where the observing aliens can see you so they can do an accurate head count. And try to have some fun while doing so. I will, of course, be back with anything blogworthy that I came across myself.