Just because, part 26

mother Canada goose Branta canadensis with chick peeking from under wing
This little tableau presented itself as The Girlfriend and I made a circuit of the pond this evening. The light was dropping rapidly so conditions weren’t ideal, but you can still make out the unfortunate and bizarre tumor that this Canada goose (Branta canadensis) is plagued with. I imagine that it’s not long for this world, because even if it survives this growth I doubt flight is possible with that right there. The tragedies of the animal kingdom.

By the way, there’s the faintest hint, but I don’t suppose you can tell any more than we could that there’s actually four of them under there. Curious, too, because the night is quite warm.

And for that reason, there’s a slim chance that I’ll be back with more pics from the evening. I want to go out, but a kidney stone is suggesting otherwise…