Late but early

Wholly without intending, I have two more entries for the end of the month abstract – shot right at the end of the month, as in, this morning. However, the official post had already gone up by the time that I shot them (it was scheduled to appear at 1 AM,) so I’m just adding a post. There might even be another today, of photos that I shot yesterday, and it appears another video is coming soon too. But for now, we got these.

Canada geese Branta canadensis coming in for landing on pond
I was up early this morning, and ventured over to see what sunrise did, which was nothing due to light overcast skies. But while the light was still low, a handful of Canada geese (Branta canadensis) cruised in to land on the water, and I tracked them as they did so. The light was far too dim for a decent shutter speed, which resulted in yet another impressionistic rendering. Clicking on the image will take you to a larger version to show a little more detail.

And another, in sequence.

Canada geese Branta canadensis skidding to a stop on the water
You can click on this one too.

I’ve long had a goal of capturing a goose or duck skid-landing on the water in good detail – obviously these do not qualify. The timing has to be right, the light good, the angle good, and the long lens affixed, and those various factors have not come together yet. But for now, we’ll go with the implied motion in these. I mean, you don’t really have a choice, do you? Except to go get your own…

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