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Tonight was sorting night, because I’d finally gotten enough photos in the folder to make it worthwhile, so I put on the Geologic Podcast and hemmed and hawed over whether each image made the cut or not – over a thousand before sorting, if you must know, though how many I retained I haven’t bothered to tally. I know there’s one post scheduled to appear, if by, ‘scheduled,’ you mean, ‘not scheduled, but eventually,’ and I edited the photos for that before the sorting began. And typically, I found a handful of others to feature, some of which I now include, because I hadn’t noticed the details until the sort.

parent Canada geese Branta canadensis with five goslings in water
This one I’d already prepped for a post, though I had nothing specific in mind other than, “This is the goose family I saw one evening.” Canada geese of course (Branta candensis,) with this year’s brood. We go in for a closer look.

quintet of Canada goslings Branta canadensis cruising between parents
No big deal, just passing by, no concerns. This is just the setup.

quintet of Canada goslings Branta canadensis with the first taking notice
And then, the first in line seemed to notice me on shore with the long lens, as if to say, “Is that legal public observation, or does the focal length now constitute invasion of privacy?” You may think I’m reading a lot into it, but I’ve seen that look before. You know, people really don’t like long lenses on public beaches for some reason…

quintet of Canada goslings Branta canadensis all starting to notice
In the very next frame, now three of them were doing it, with one more kinda getting into the spirit – I hadn’t noticed this at the time, or I would have started getting creeped out. You see this and you start to wonder if you can convincingly mimic an alert karate stance.

Speaking of mimicking, I note that the mother was not doing this, meaning they weren’t taking her cue, as is their wont, so why I was suddenly getting the side-eye, I can’t say. Maybe they were all Nikon supporters or something. Maybe it was the cargo shorts. You never know.

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