I am about to outdo myself

It’s 3 AM, and I’ve just come back inside from filming/videoing something in the backyard, and all I can say right now is, it will likely remain the most bizarre thing that I’ve captured on video for quite a long time to come. It all started when I just took the headlamp out and poked around a little bit to see what could be found, and stumbled across (well, not literally, thank dog) something that, you know, boded. Thinking I should get video of it if I was correct, I came inside and got the camera and light unit, taking only a couple of minutes to do so, and when I came back out I found that my suspicions were well-founded.

I’m being vague because I’m not going to spoil it, while it isn’t appearing yet because I still have the post-processing to do, and it’s late and I’m going to get some sleep. Which might be a mistake, considering what I’ve just seen. The worst part (so far) is, I might have to wait a week because I nearly reached my weekly upload limit on Vimeo with yesterday’s video – it all depends on how long this one is, though I suspect I can slip it in under the wire. Don’t get too anxious though, because you may very well regret it. The only other thing I’ll say right now is, think of the most disgusting thing that you’ve seen here, because I now have the same, but in living motion.

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