Good evening

copes grey treefrog Hyla chrysoscelis looking menacing somehow
“Might I interest you in a… nightcap?

Okay, did that text read as vaguely ominous as the photo appears? Maybe it doesn’t actually appear ominous to you. Treefrogs aren’t particularly known for striking terror into the heart of anyone, since even their prey tends to be oblivious to the threat that they might provide.

All that aside, this is just a teaser because a lot more photos are coming – it’s just gonna take me a little time to put the post together. I went for too long without shooting much of anything, pretty much since we returned from Tybee and Jekyll, and this was one of just a handful of photos that I did get. But I had an outing today that got me caught up, as it were, so there will be more to see shortly. Keep refreshing that page…