Oh, that’s not funny

I noticed earlier today that the blog was coming up with database errors, and while I could log in, a lot of data wasn’t showing up. My WordPress is hosted on a domain that outsources their database hosting, and WordPress (the ‘local’ files) was working while the data itself was missing, so it was pretty obvious that this outsource was the one having the issues.

After several hours of waiting to see if they’d fix it themselves, I went into the database admin section and found it pretty corrupted, so I restored from the backup I’d made at the beginning of the year. This meant, naturally, that everything I’ve posted since then was wiped.

No biggie – it’s happened before, and I now copy everything posted to a text file, and save all uploaded images, so restoring those takes only a few minutes.

What I do not have copies of are the post drafts, the ones I’ve been working on since the last backup – ominous music builds to a crescendo right there, since I wasn’t bothering to maintain a copy of those (I’d need constant maintenance deleting the old versions to avoid filling my local harddrive up.) Suffice to say, I had a shitload of work that got completely trashed – I mean hours.

I really, really, do not want to maintain constant copies of my work because hosts will dump it (far more often than I’ve ever had a local harddrive fail, and I’m not running redundant mirror systems,) but I suppose it will be necessary if I don’t want to rebuild lots of work from scratch.

Anyway, the posts you might already have seen since the beginning of the year will be back up shortly. New posts will be a bit longer…

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