Behind the scenes

holly berries against blue sky
I know I say this far too often, but I’ve been quieter than intended recently, and there are more than a few reasons for this. The holiday season has a bit to do with it, but more it’s been my work schedule, falling right after the trip that I had to make to New York. More distinctly, though, has been no photography to speak of – between work and bad weather and no subjects at this time of year and no place that I can go to find any right at the moment, the cameras have been getting no use at all. I suppose a lot of people would find this perfectly reasonable, but to me it means something’s wrong. On top of that, a persistent sinus infection, and the general seasonal ho-hum-ness (it’s not anything near depression, just a noticeable lack of motivation,) all add up to not having jack shit to post about.

But enough whining! I’m actually in the middle of something larger coming, because in a few days we hit the tenth anniversary of the blog, which is slightly startling to me, and I’m going to have something up in recognition of this (notice that I didn’t say, “celebration.”) While I’m not yet sure what, exactly, this will be, I do know that I’ll have a list of my favorite posts for each year.

self-deprecationMaybe. You see, I’m not exactly a rating and comparison kind of guy, and things strike me differently on different days. Plus there’s the whole pedantic, “Wait, do you mean best as in writing style, or important content, or illustrative photos, or–… I mean, let’s pin down some criteria here.” I have enough trouble doing this at the end of the year for just one a month, and have cheated a few times, so narrowing it down further to one a year? Not sure how this is going to work out. And I already have a Favorites page linked right up there at the top, so is this superfluous? I’ll let you judge.

Right now I’m thinking that I should have simply gone with posting unused photos from the past year, because going through each month and picking the more likely candidates, then reading them to compare their qualities, is a bit more time-consuming than I like. Not to mention that I don’t have many uninterrupted periods to accomplish this within. Maybe I’ll just bake a cake.

Anyway, whatever it is will be coming in a few days, which gives you enough time to read everything that I’ve posted and see how many you agree with, right? I’m sure you’re not that busy yourself. But just to show that I’m not totally worthless and should consider becoming an accountant (again,) I leave you with another photo from yesterday, which like the one at top I took while waiting to meet with a student. They are, if nothing else, proof that the camera still works. I have to maintain reasonable goals for myself, you know?

mourning dove Zenaida macroura in bare tree against blue sky