Always the best for the readers

Except, in this case, it would be viewers. Yes, that means a video is coming up, but wait! Hold your horses, it’s not one of my videos, so you don’t have to leave. In the interests of providing to you nothing but the best factual sources, carefully examined for useful and accurate information, I happily sponsor the latest offering from Ze Frank or zefrank or whatever (who I’m beginning to suspect is not actually French) – in this case, True Facts: The Lemur:

The Duke Lemur Center mentioned within has appeared here before, or at least a tiny portion of one of their fences as well as an even tinier portion of one of their residents, and sits only a handful of kilometers from Walkabout Studios (I love saying that – rather overblown description of my crowded desk in a shared home office, but hey…) I imagine that their tour requests have multiplied significantly since this video posted, which is a shame, because that was one of the things on my list of spring possibilities and now it might be hard to get to. Thanks, Ze Frank!

Either way, I’ll do a vaguely-related post soon, since I already have most of it planned and about half of the photos edited. Starting to get a little posting momentum going here, so be patient.

Meanwhile, you can always adopt a lemur, but I do have to warn you, this is misleading: you don’t actually get to take the lemur home, and you sure as hell aren’t allowed to use it for dance or singing lessons or teach it anti-vaccination horseshit. Yet your donation supports the research done at the Center and their outside efforts, which is pretty cool all the same, so have at it – there are other options available too. I don’t care that you’re a freaking Heels fan, do it anyway.

ring-tailed lemur Lemur catta portraitOf course, I have to close with my favorite lemur photo (among those taken by me, anyway,) which also appeared in the recent exhibit. This did not come from the Duke Lemur Center, but from nearby Museum of Life & Science – probably directly-related anyway due to their proximity. I think the ring-tailed lemurs get far too much attention, given how many species there are, but this was what presented the best opportunity so far. We’ll see if I can rectify that soon.

By the way, if you’re embedding YouTube videos, you can remove little bits from the URL like, you know, “autoplay;” and have mercy on everyone. Little tip from your Uncle Al. No, this doesn’t mean that I just adopted you – relax.