One word


That doesn’t really cut it though, does it? Even if you know what the Orionids are, I didn’t say when they’d be occurring, and if you did know, you probably wouldn’t need me to tell you when, or even that they are occurring. I was just trying to, you know, counteract my tendency to write too damn much when only a few words would do, or go on and on about some trait that, really, nobody cares about and only serves to throw up a wall of text that makes people shy away from the blog and go someplace else with pictures or videos of someone’s dog doing something, or to do the ultimate in couch-potato apathy by watching someone else play video games, which even beats out watching sports for vicarious uselessness…

Meteor storm. Peaks Monday night. Half-moon rising late. Easy to spot origin point. Click for pointers.

That’s all – no more unnecessary words. I’m trying to improve. Don’t forget to subscribe, like, forward, comment, buy the sponsored product, include me in your will, and name your kids after me.