Cytotoxin & Euphoria

Let’s be honest: there aren’t any webcomics that I’ve come across that fit in with the theme of this blog, whatever that may be, and don’t ask me why because I’m sure this is a huge untapped market, judging from the visit stats and comments. But I still find the occasional conjunction, a chance tangency that gives me confidence that someone gets it, if only once in a while. Today’s example (well, okay, this is from the 13th, and don’t think I didn’t note the ramifications of that date,) comes from Cyanide & Happiness, a truly warped comic written by three different rotating artists – this one in particular is done by Kris Wilson.

Cyanide & Happiness panel "Violin" copyright 2019 by Cyanide & Happiness/Kris Wilson

Now, I am hoping that the subtler aspect of the comic is not lost here, but I’m afraid there will be a few people who didn’t register the distinctive artwork. So, at the risk of belaboring the point, I’ll explain, because the third panel holds more detail (not too badly done at that) than they normally provide with their ‘efficient’ characters. The markings on the cephalothorax (“back” for our purposes here) of the spider resemble a violin, which identifies this as a brown recluse spider (Loxosceles reclusa,) the most venomous in North America and not exactly something you want to rub between your fingers.

The comic really needs a sound file to hear the tune that our androgynous greenshirt must be playing, but to do it right, they’re gonna need a few more spiders.

[This post was far more work than was warranted by the joke…]