Please stand by

I have more than a couple of images to feature here, soonish, waiting on a little more time to write things up. They will be along eventually, but they may be delayed until after I’ve completed a large project, which is moving the site to a new host.

Which also means that things might go a little screwy, on the blog or on the main site itself, but anything should be rectified in a day or two. Provided that I actually get this all together, and right now it’s being a bit problematic – too much so, and I’ll dump the new provider and find a better one, which will delay the changeover a little longer. Regardless, if any part of the site is borked, just wait it out. As hard as that may be.

animated gif of bloggingIn the interim, I have to post a meme found online, which exemplifies my thoughts about blogging better than I could ever express in writing. Much as I hate using sports references, this one works well.

Thanks, everyone! I couldn’t do it without you!

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