Podcast: About damn time

Do things look different around here? They should – or perhaps not, if you delayed seeing this for too long and I actually got around to making the changes that I’d been hoping to. Yet as I type this, enough has been changed/corrected/altered/muddled/permitted/unborked to move forward, but I’ll let Noisy Al explain it:

Walkabout podcast – New host

The WordPress White Screen of Death: if you’ve been using WordPress for any length of time, or like experimenting with plugins and themes, you’re probably already familiar with this and how to get out of it, but if not, here’s a link to help you work through it. And by the way, always back up your database, at the very least, before making any changes to WordPress – it just makes it easier to roll back to the previous version.

Present theme is Coral Light from CoralThemes – Though if you go there, you’ll notice how a damn popup comes up right smack in the middle of the screen after you’ve been there a few seconds. Yeah – that’s the kind of fucking bullshit that developers do because other developers have done it, and the reason why my site will never follow stupid fucking fads.

And as a bonus, I’ll include a recent photo that has nothing to do with the podcast or anything else in this post, but it sits alone in my folders and expresses fairly well my current state of mind: resigned to yet another problem cropping up, a bit walleyed, and unable to be assed about much of anything at this point. Dyspeptic, I think is the word.

possibly overweight Copes grey treefrog Hyla chrysoscelis looking dyspeptic