Podcast: But anyway…

And so, things finally come to a culmination, or at least most things. I’ve been deeply involved in several projects, some of them offshoots of others, some of them needlessly, but here we are. I’ll let myself explain it orally. Or aurally. One of those is correct.

Walkabout podcast – But anyway…

The first and foremost thing that I have to include is the link to the new page that I added on cropping images. And the reason that this took so long is that it’s a video, and not a casual one at that. I mean, music and dissolves and everything! Now I can add Producer and Director to my résumé.

crop example of ruby-throated hummingbird Archilochus colubris at salvia blossom
The other major project, which I completed just a couple of days before my deadline, was re-recording the first generation of podcasts, dating from 2012 and 2013. Those had just been audio versions of posts and not off-the-cuff like the current versions, but they had also been done with shitty equipment and I personally found them painful to listen to anymore, so just out of this frustration/embarrassment (frustrassment?) I redid them with the setup I’m using now, and they sound so much better. You can find them at the ‘Podcast’ link just beneath the banner image above, or by clicking here. I will note that the first few ‘casts from the new format, started in mid 2016, still suffer from bad equipment – they’re kind of stream-of-consciousness and not really conducive to being redone, so they’re gonna stay that way.

I cannot recommend Audacity enough for audio work – a wonderfully versatile and easy to use program, and it’s open-source so it’s free.

HitFilm is the package that I used for this particular video, and it seems to work pretty damn well, though so far I only have the one project that I’ve done with it – we’ll have to see if it holds up as well over time.

By the way, I mention early on that the weather “wasn’t even producing snow” and was thus too boring to be shooting in. That changed only eight hours later, so there might be something to show for it soon. Which is my way of obligating myself to get out, shoot something, and post about it. We’ll see how well this works shortly, I guess.

P.S. Oh, yeah – I mentioned the previous collection of podcast fuckups in there, and they can be found here. I imagine it’s pretty clear that I have no lineage to Puritans in any way whatsoever…