Podcast: About damn time

Do things look different around here? They should – or perhaps not, if you delayed seeing this for too long and I actually got around to making the changes that I’d been hoping to. Yet as I type this, enough has been changed/corrected/altered/muddled/permitted/unborked to move forward, but I’ll let Noisy Al explain it:

Walkabout podcast – New host

The WordPress White Screen read more

Land-o-goshen, that one’s done!

You ever do one of those projects big enough that there’s no real “Done!” feeling? You know, there are enough details to miss, enough functions to check, that you’re never sure you got them all, and there’s no real point when you’re completely confident that you’ve finished? That’s how I feel about website updates.

And yet, I will still come in here read more

I’m back, he says with hesitation

Okay, after a frustrating few hours, I think functionality has returned to the blog. The DNS switch was instant and painless, the mail server a bit confusing (a host that imparted conflicting info,) but the blog was a royal pain in the ass. Near as I can tell, one of my installed plugins, which worked fine on my old host, had radical disagreements with the new, and if you’ve had any experience read more