I feel I should clarify

The lead image for the previous post, the infra-red-yet-kinda-beige one? Well, there was no intention of making it match the background color of the blog; I was just tweaking the color register away from the washed out blue-grey of the original file, and found that I liked it as a bit richer than sepia tone. The photo editor of course does not have the same background as the blog, and there was nothing to compare it against, and as I was proofing the post before scheduling it to appear, I wasn’t really paying attention to that aspect because I was looking over the text for typos and syntax errors (not that I was correcting them, mind you.) The photo was already done so it was out of my mind.

One could argue that I subconsciously aimed for a matching hue, which could be true: it’s not only very close to the color we settled on for the repainting job mentioned in that post, it’s also within a shade or two of the color that I painted my own bedroom in, back in New York in the eighties (yes they had color paint back then.) Then again, you can imagine the same image in a blue or green register and realize that they just wouldn’t work as well, and strictly monochrome was a little too boring. I’m not even defensive over the choice – I just wanted to say it wasn’t intended to match, and honestly, it doesn’t, it’s just close.

I don’t care if you don’t believe me.