closeup of morning glory Convolvulaceae blossom
Yes, it’s been postless around here for a few days – just one of those weeks, when the time and the desire to post were not coinciding. That’s changing a little, so right now, we have a single image to lead the way, with more to come, hopefully tonight, but within 24 hours anyway. That single image is of the first blossom from my morning glory seeds, planted late in the year but doing well now; it was a variety pack, so I had no idea what would actually erupt, but I’m pleased with this color, at least.

Doing a quick search on the scientific name for the flower, I found that there are a lot of varieties, and the taxonomy is in flux anyway, so we’re just going with the family of Convolvulaceae for this. Which answers a barely-smoldering question in the back of my mind for decades, since when reading the Durrell books, from time to time he would refer to the convolvulus flowers decorating his boyhood home, and I always passed those by vowing to look them up someday – now I don’t have to! “Sit unmoving on your ass long enough, and it’ll all come to you,” I always say…

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