Profiles of Nature 1

I know you’ve been sitting there wondering if I’m actually going to do a weekly topic this year, and I’ve been wondering that myself. I was thinking of featuring something from the film archives again, but with the system change I haven’t gotten the scanner working yet, so we’re skipping that idea for the time being. And I could always just keep going with the ‘On This Date’ posts, even in the face of being banned, because hey, I created the topic and kept it up all last year without missing one deadline, so I’ll do it as often as I like.

Instead, I realized that I haven’t been giving enough recognition to the models, those species posing for my various photos herein, and it’s time to change that. Thus begins our ‘Profiles of Nature,’ and we’ll start off with the guy who’s presently adorning my computer desktop. Let’s meet Deauchamp:

green treefrog Hyla cinerea
Deauchamp had tried tacos for the first time not long before our session, and was preoccupied with exactly how bad an idea this might prove to be; coupled with his inherent shyness, this did not make for the most outgoing portrait. Nonetheless, Deauchamp wanted us to know that he’s an avid collector of first issue Hardy Boys books and admits to being pretty mean with a wok – it might be best not to ask if this means “cooking with” or “wielding.” After working on the play Les liaisons dangereuses in grade school, he was bitten by the bug and now aspires one day to be an assistant dolly handler. In the meantime, you can usually find him near overpass construction sites examining the little ridges on rebar – “They’re remarkably diverse, like snowflakes,” he enthuses, “just a lot harder and, you know, boring.” His favorite class of algae is Paeophyta.

I promise to post a bit sooner in the day next week, and who knows? Maybe we’ll see the occasional other topic (I mean, aside from, ‘On composition,’ ‘Too cool,’ ‘Just because,’ ‘On the negative side,’ ‘But how?,’ ‘Because it’s a blog,’ podcasts, and the month-end abstracts,) peek in here and there. Anything could happen!