green heron Butorides virescens at Goose Creek State Park, NC
I was at least 85% certain that I’d used this post title before, but apparently not. Anyway, it’s World Migratory Bird Day, and so, we have a world migratory bird, in this case a green heron (Butorides virescens.) While I’ve been waiting to see evidence of them returning to (and nesting at) the neighborhood pond, this was taken many kilometers away, at Goose Creek State Park near Washington, NC. It also wasn’t taken today, but yesterday instead, which is why it’s a placeholder – I may obtain some decent images of migratory birds today on an outing, but if not, I have plenty from yesterday. You’ll see them either way.

But let this serve as a reminder of the holiday, in case you’re not already out on your excursion to celebrate it. Which is silly, I know, because of course you are, but still, some people fail to place proper emphasis on the important events, so…

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