Still at it

red sky before sunrise on North Topsail Beach, NC
It’s another attempt to get that elusive green flash on video, doing it at sunrise because sunset wouldn’t provide the view needed. The bad weather had cleared, but the temperature hadn’t risen yet, and it was far from comfortable on the beach; this just goes to show how dedicated and hardcore I am.

By the way, there’s a balance point when placing the tripod, because you want stable sand, which is generally the wet stuff near the point where the waves have come in, but you don’t want to be in the water at any point. Since it was nearing high tide, there also wasn’t a lot of beach to work with, and only a couple of meters away was the ‘cliff edge’ of the dune, the eroded high water mark in the sand not far from the steps down off of the primary dune; the moon was almost new, close to the sun, so their combined gravity was created the highest tides. It had an effect, as you’ll see.

Immediately after the video, I did just a handful of photos on the beach to take advantage of conditions.

debris linet at high tide with lots of shells and stones on the waterline
This is the debris that you heard in the video, directly underfoot and a bit hard on the soles. While I’m in water sandals all summer long, they’ll get completely filled with sand in the softer area between the primary dune and the wet sand near the waterline, so I generally take them off before hitting the beach and hang them from my belt with a carabiner, only re-donning them after hitting the courtesy footwash on the opposite side of the dune (which I also use on the tripod legs.)

I went a bit lower too.

very low angle on beach debris and foam against rising sun
Buggato would have been sorry to miss this, because I didn’t sprawl on the beach to get this frame, but simply held the camera down near my ankles and fired off some shots blind; this required ‘chimping,’ examining the LCD afterwards to see what I got, only necessary because I couldn’t use the viewfinder in the first place (thus, one of the few legitimate reasons to do so.) Try as he might, he still hasn’t caught me doing this, simply because I rarely ever do it. Ah well.

I got another frame that I like even more – that’ll be along soon. We’re almost done with the beach trip now.

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