Even then, ‘snot art

And so we come to one last image that we still maintain, despite any impressions, is not art. Because we don’t do art.

foam on North Topsail Beach at sunrise
Another one shot blind, simply holding the camera down just above the sand, roughly aiming and allowing autofocus to do its thing. What do you mean, “Why didn’t you get down on the wet sand and do it right?” I’m old. Not to mention, wet sand, ick.

But yeah, the AF snagged the right point, the sun wasn’t too centered, the exposure is fine, and the delicate colors on the foam work well for me. The wide disparity in scale captured in a single frame is also compelling (again, to me at least.) This is another that will be a print soon.

I could have stalled for a day and posted this exactly one month from when it was taken, even scheduling it for the exact same time. Because that would have wowed everyone, right? But then I thought, Nah, no one’s even reading this anyway, plus I may have some more images tomorrow, so, screw it. It’s early.

[Or I could have posted it the day that I took it, for that impact, but obviously missed that.]

I’ll tack on another here, taken two days later on our last morning at the one-and-only beach, even less Not Art. Or is that more Not? I don’t know. It just never got into another post, so I’m using it now before it goes bad. Or worse. Whatever.

gazebo at sunrise on North Topsail Beach, NC
Yes, that’s the same gazebo seen here. Good eye.