Tripod holes 46

N 34°20’56.61″ W 77°39’20.41″ Google Earth location

While walking along this beach, The Girlfriend and I found it a little curious to stumble upon a long hollow filled with scattered gravel, until we realized that it wasn’t gravel at all, and then we boggled at it. Instead, these are all Atlantic sand fiddler crabs (Uca pugilator,) thousands of them, and the read more

Even then, ‘snot art

And so we come to one last image that we still maintain, despite any impressions, is not art. Because we don’t do art.

Another one shot blind, simply holding the camera down just above the sand, roughly aiming and allowing autofocus to do its thing. What do you mean, “Why didn’t you get down on the wet sand and do it right?” I’m old. Not to mention, wet sand, ick.

But read more

Saturday night black & white

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been setting aside various monochrome experiments for an eventual post which, so it appears, has now arrived at Gate 12. Take care when removing items from the overhead bins…

This green heron from several weeks back was read more

I worry too much

I’ve had these stray photos from the beach trip kicking around to post for a while now, and have been putting them off because I’m trying to keep some variety in the posts, and I’ve been doing a lot of birds. But then again so what? Some blogs are entirely about birds. Some blogs are entirely about raising kids. I gotta relax.

While I initially go through recent read more

New wave

I have a CD kicking around here somewhere called ‘New Wave Hits of the ’80s,’ which is just one of many examples why you should never call anything, “new,” because shortly it won’t be. I mean, the art nouveau movement is well over a century old now we’re due for an art nouveau nouveau movement. Anyway, these photos are read more

Last one, I promise

Last sunrise video, that is – I’ll have just a couple more beach trip photos after this…

I came loaded for everything on this trip, especially video, which I’ve been trying to tackle more often naturally, there weren’t a lot of subjects that benefited from video. But there was one that I was really trying to get…

The last morning there, the conditions looked promising read more

But then, ‘snot art

Yeah, another from this vantage, but hey – we had the view right out the back decks, so we used it, okay? What would you do go down among the trees where you couldn’t see squat? Gimme a break…

We didn’t know the kayakers, either – they were from one of the neighboring houses on the sound, the dock with the read more

May be not

Since today is May but tomorrow is not, that can only mean one thing: it’s time for the end of the month abstract! Did you have your alarm set to get up early just to see this? I bet you did…

Of course it would have to be from the beach trip, and in fact, we have two, just to let you decide which one you’re least indifferent about.

Stunning composition, textures, read more

Still at it

It’s another attempt to get that elusive green flash on video, doing it at sunrise because sunset wouldn’t provide the view needed. The bad weather had cleared, but the temperature hadn’t risen yet, and it was far from comfortable on the beach this just goes to show how dedicated and hardcore I am.

By the way, there’s a balance point when placing the tripod, because you want read more

Reality aves

On one of the cloudier days out at North Topsail, before the rains came, I was walking out the walkway/deck towards the gazebo when I saw movement in the reeds nearby, and had the long lens in hand (with a camera attached, too!) so I could take advantage of it. Unlike the green herons in the area, this one was pretty blasé about my presence.

This is a willet (Tringa semipalmata,) read more

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