Gotta be quicker than that

I hadn’t quite finished sorting the stock photos before I left on my trip, and of course doubled that number with the trip photos themselves, so I’ve been endeavoring to catch up (just a handful more to go now.) But while doing this, as usual, I came across a few photos to feature and comment upon. This one is trivial, but I want to put it here because more sunrise photos are on the way.

sunrise over Jordan lake showing ripples from fish jump
Nice enough sunrise shot out over Jordan Lake, on an outing a few days before I left, but I’ll draw your attention to lower center. See those ripples? That’s from a fish that jumped from the water as I was framing the photo – a nice addition, if I could capture it, but it takes millisecond timing because fish don’t often give any forewarning, nor any pattern in appearance in this manner. Their actual time out of the water might be, hmmm, 1/4 second or so? See it, recognize it, send the message down the arm to the hand, electronic delay time in processing the shutter press, mirror-slap and aperture closing… yeah, we’re on the fine edge of bare possibility, and that’s the best that can be said. More likely that I’ll trip the shutter coincidental with a fish jump – but hey, I have accomplished it intentionally, only with a much bigger fish that jumped higher, probably four times as long out of the water, so…

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