Squeezing one in

I thought I might get a few last photos up from the NY trips, but then when out in the yard watering plants, I saw some potential video opportunities. Some of these clips have been attempted before and never panned out, but this time luck was with me.

Note: The voiceovers are off the cuff (obviously,) but this also means that I can occasionally forget something, like the fact that the first subject had vanished before I returned with the misting can and the camera (which I mentioned,) so I flushed it out with a quick spray of mist over the area where it had last been seen (which I’d forgotten to mention.) This was sufficient; it popped back into sight at the prospect of getting a drink, and so I could get the video I was after.

This puts me one closer to the half-ass goal I’ve had since the beginning of the year, which is a post for every day. I don’t know why I keep this in the back of my mind, because I know it’s not gonna happen and I’m already well behind, but the week I was away and didn’t even have time to line up some posts ahead of time motivated me to ‘catch up,’ and so this month contains (as of now) 28 posts – not bad, really. I’m curious to see where the year will end up, since my free time tends to fluctuate, but at least I’m feeling a lot more comfortable with the video editing – dog knows why.

I also had a goal of a podcast per month, annnddd, we’re presently at five, so… yeah. I like to think the videos fill in, and they take the same amount of effort even though they’re much shorter. I’ll leave the evaluation of my performance up to you (the nonexistent reader/viewer/listener.) But you know, they say money is a great motivator…

Chinese mantis Tenodera sinensis in short depth-of-field

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