These might work

Just so you know, Thursday (February 22nd) is National Wildlife Day, so call in sick that day and go find wildlife, even if it’s captive wildlife in a zoo or nature park or something, but preferably really and for true in the wild, which means outdoors. Now, c’mon – how many of your coworkers failed to show up the day after Super Bowl or some such rot? read more

Needs a little work

With the weather being surprisingly warm and clear and a not-full moon shining down, I elected to traipse over to the neighborhood pond and try my luck spotting the beaver(s). This time I did not have The Girlfriend to wield a light for me so I could focus, since she’d gone to bed hours before, so I strapped a powerful flashlight to the lenshood of the Tamron 150-600 and did a quick test out read more

What are you doing out?

Was out in the yard yesterday, trying to oxidize some old deck boards, and as things were smoldering I wandered around a little bit. On the wall right near the access door that has served as an anole hideyhole, I found this guy enjoying the sunlight.

Now, the temperature when I spotted this Carolina anole (Anolis carolinensis) was roughly 12°c, but that was the absolute read more

I’m sorry, this December has expired

Already? But yes, December is shuffling off to Buffalo (I don’t even know where that ancient phrase is from,) and thus we have the end of the month abstract. Somewhere. I just had it – must’ve put it down for a second when I needed both hands. Maybe it’s in the bathroom…

Ah, yes, here we go. Salud!

Is that abstract enough? I wasn’t really thinking read more

Living in the past XXV

For as many photos as I have of Carolina anoles, I can easily recall the circumstances of this one, because of the distinctive ‘comma’ pose (helped by how it was framed, I’m sure.) I’d gone through the NC Botanical Gardens for a while and had seen not the faintest hint of anoles, which was rare, and I was on my way to the parking lot when I spied this one read more

Living in the past XVII

Hopefully, it’s clear why this is one of my favorite images. The curious pose with its chin on its ‘hand,’ the downward, thoughtful eyes, and the soft and pastel, dreamlike background all work together extremely well – and all a happy accident hell, I was only shooting with a wide-open aperture because of the light, and working without a read more

More local “news”

It’s about 7:30 PM right now, only a little chilly, with clear skies, unlike last night. Will I go back out and make another futile and disappointing attempt at the Leonids? The answer, may surprise you. But first, let’s check in with what’s happening on the Estates.

Well, what was happening, five days ago to be precise – these are all older photos. But they’re read more

That’s a first

I’ve heard of this happening, seen a few photos online, but this is the first time I’ve seen it for myself.

Now I finally have one that I can tell apart from the others…

Some reptiles can regrow limbs, most especially the tails, if they lose them to predators the skinks can drop them at will, where the severed tail, often brightly-colored, will writhe madly and read more

What? Pictures? Get out!

Yeah yeah, I know, terribly unprofessional of me to neglect the blog, but I’ll tell you what: you can keep my honorarium this month. Deal?

That aside, I did indeed take a few photos yesterday, which means only an hour or two ago. It’s a clear night.

I’d seen the moon last night, uh, two nights ago, and knew it was too soon for… you know… so kept it in read more

First half

As mentioned at the end of the previous post, I did indeed go out and get a few frames as intended, and then some more. And then I collected a particular subject for detail and did even more. But some of those go along with some video clips that I obtained as well, and editing the video is going to take a little time as it always does, so I decided to split these into two posts.

A couple of evenings read more

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