July to me?

Another long, eventful month to wave toodle-oo to, and so we have the month end abstracts. And all three were shot within the month, so, good on me? I guess that depends on how good the photos actually are.

twisted tree bark in closeup
From an outing early win the month with the Unforeseeable Mr Bugg (who it appears is not dead,) this was one of the few images worth keeping – at least by my standards, and that word is used with almost cavalier abandon. I might have had to tell you what this was if it wasn’t for the little bit of lichen in there.

Moving on.

dewy spider web seen edge on at sunrise
One thing that I regretted not doing on the first NY trip was checking out a walking trail in Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge, and after dropping The Girlfriend off at the airport the morning of my last day there on the second trip, I realized it was my last chance. Not a lot to see, but the low sun and the still-present dew made this pop out, and I cropped tighter to draw attention to the scribbled detail.

And finally,

willet Tringa semipalmata peering from reeds in Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge, NY
I’d somehow missed this one when doing the post about the refuge, and better pics will be along eventually, but I liked the nature of it here, so it’s a late addition to the lineup. This is a willet (Tringa semipalmata,) and there were at least a couple of them lurking about – this one got chased off soon after by a territorial rival. Yes, of course this was manual focus – autofocus would have just freaked out and gone on a vandalism spree until tackled by numerous police officers.

All right, August, let’s see what you have for us…

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