I would have been so embarrassed

Oh my gosh, I almost let this one slip by! Today (the first Monday after a Friday the 13th that falls in a very hot non-leap-year) is Find the Flounder Day – I nearly forgot, and you all know the routine if someone forgets Find the Flounder Day. Many people celebrate the holiday by hiding a flounder around their home or workplace, which would mean that I’d have to invite you all over (all none of you,) but I figure we can do this photographically, and so, I staged a special image just for this holiday.

very small flounder hiding in sand
Well, yeah, it’s small – using big ones takes all of the challenge out of it, and we already know they can be pretty small. No, it’s not under the quarter – I’m not that underhanded. It’s right there.

If you’re having trouble [SPOILER ALERT] you can look for the googly eyes facing in opposing directions. Or you can compare the sharpness of focus among the substrate, because the camera was focused directly on the flounder, slightly higher than the surrounding sand and shell bits, so the flounder pattern will be the faintest bit sharper than its surroundings. Found it now? Good! Now you can have the traditional lasagna salad and afterward, perform the flounder line dance. Unless, of course, you’re from one of them heathen countries that never recognize Find the Flounder Day, in which case you will burn in hell for all eternity and never stop regretting your poor choice in where you were born. Sucks to be you.

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