Podcast: Nostalgia

Been meaning to get to this one for a while – just trying to find the right window. So here it is – completely unrelated to photography, arthropods, amphibians, and education. Let’s get all nostalgic now.

Walkabout podcast – Nostalgia

By the way, I speculated that this was the fourth for the year, which was way off, being half-again more advanced at sixth. Which doesn’t change that it should be the ninth, according to my resolve to do one a month, but hey – I’m yearning fondly for 2017.

The sources of some of the info within, should you be so inclined:

Speaking of Psychology: Does nostalgia have a psychological purpose?

The Psychology of Nostalgia; New studies show why we reminisce about the past

The Brother EP-20, my first electronic typewriter.

Nobody has the Wittnauer Challenger (35mm rangefinder camera from the 50s) – don’t ask me why.

But here’s what’s funny: the vast majority of my childhood and even early adulthood I don’t miss at all. Know what I was pointing out to The Girlfriend in some places? The roads I would walk on at night, and what I’d encounter. Seriously.