‘Tis the season

Yes indeed, another holiday rolls around… what? No, not that holiday – the day before a holiday isn’t a holiday itself, for christ’s sake! I’m talking about Capture Something Inadvertently Day, which is at least productive in some way. And no, you’ll never find anyone celebrating Capture Something Inadvertently Eve, unless the holidays get totally out of hand.

Now, unlike some of the events that we’ve celebrated this year, I find this one to be rather poorly conceived. How can you capture something inadvertently when you already know it’s the day to do this? It’s like running four times around a church without thinking of a fox. Try it – you’ll never make it to four. A mosque, maybe, but never a church.

And yet, somehow I pulled it off anyway, so while countless people out there are struggling with this pseudoparadox, I can post something smugly and hug myself all day. Behold.

new hydrangea bud with unnoticed tiny fly atop
I grabbed the camera to snag a couple of frames of a hardy (but likely unhappy) ladybeetle outside, and then wandered around to see if anything else was worth the effort. A hydrangea bush that we’d transplanted late this fall was surprisingly showing two new buds, so I went in close for a detail shot. It wasn’t until after I unloaded the memory card that I spotted the minuscule fly on the tip, probably no more than 3mm in length, and was lucky enough to have a paler oak leaf in the background for some decent contrast. It’s still pretty chilly out there, running around 7°c, so generally the only things stirring are birds and squirrels.

I did a few more frames of other things, including a serendipitous find, plus I have some experiments to refine, so more will be along at some point, but for now, I’ll just wave this holiday in your face and laugh, because I can.

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