First of the year!

juvenile green treefrog Hyla cinerea venturing out in the greenhouse
Well, okay, no, this doesn’t actually count. I guess I need more qualifiers.

I’ve long had a standard that spring has finally arrived when I saw the first treefrogs, as I have tonight, but we’re not going to count this one. First off, it’s in the greenhouse, which is of course remaining unnaturally warmer than the surrounding climate, and while it got up to a lovely 21°c today (and thus much warmer in the greenhouse, peaking around 33°c therein,) it’s not sustaining that, nor has it been that warm long enough to flush the winterized frogs out of hideouts. Secondly, if we are going to count the greenhouse, I’m six weeks behind anyway; we had a run of warmer weather right as the new year was coming in, and I could easily have done the last treefrog of 2021, as well as the first of 2022, less than a minute apart, since a couple were active inside. I had unintentionally left the door cracked open that evening, so a few may have entered from outside, and I left it cracked for the next night or two so they could leave again if they so desired. I’d wondered if any remained, tucking themselves into the soil or crevices of the potted plants, and this one answered that – it’s been too cold to know before this. And yes, I’d purposefully checked, knowing the temperatures today might have brought them out in there tonight.

Meanwhile, it’s Darwin Day, and I’d like to tie this together somehow, but don’t really have a way without stretching. I’ve had the reminder popping up for the last week, without providing any inspiration at all for a post; probably should have just dug out Origin of Species and skimmed for some ideas. Ah well.