More local “news”

It’s about 7:30 PM right now, only a little chilly, with clear skies, unlike last night. Will I go back out and make another futile and disappointing attempt at the Leonids? The answer, may surprise you. But first, let’s check in with what’s happening on the Estates.

Well, what was happening, five days ago to be precise – these are all older photos. But they’re read more

Made your plans?

Tomorrow is Darwin Day, honoring Charles Darwin’s contributions to science on the 214th anniversary of his birth. As an added bonus, it falls on a Sunday this year, so make sure you hang out at your nearest fundamentalist church to appraise the attendees of this fact and wish them good luck in evolving.

I already have a post lined up, and might be read more

Token token token

For the sake of it, I did a few pictures today, and if you know anything about my writing style, you’ll notice that I did not say, “images” – this says something on its own. While signs of spring have been popping up here and there, indicating that the plants, at least, think it’s about time, we’re about to undergo a drastic drop in temperature tonight (like, read more

First of the year!

Well, okay, no, this doesn’t actually count. I guess I need more qualifiers.

I’ve long had a standard that spring has finally arrived when I saw the first treefrogs, as I have tonight, but we’re not going to count this one. First off, it’s in the greenhouse, which is of course remaining unnaturally warmer than the surrounding climate, and while it got up to a lovely 21°c read more

Storytime 46

Today’s image comes from a few years back, on the trail leading towards one of my old photographic haunts. Like most of the US, trash can often be found anywhere, but especially so alongside roads, because the overbearing inconvenience of waiting until a garbage can is handy far outweighs any concern about environment, or appearance, or responsibility, and so on – read more