Don’t look at me

If you have noticed that any place where there should be video is instead showing some home page of Vimeo, my video clip host, this is not my doing, and I can only say that I just noticed it. I’m guessing Vimeo either has some glitch in its system, or has decided to change the way that embedded videos are handled without bothering to inform anyone. I’ll wait it out a day or so and see if it fixes itself, and if not I’ll see what I can do. Not looking forward to the prospect of changing over fifty embed links for all the clips that I’ve uploaded in the past few years…

This is why I consider keeping anything in “the cloud” to be stupid, and just asking for trouble. Servers fail, business go under, and in some cases, they simply help themselves to your info regardless. I’d rather control how and where my stuff gets stored, and yes, every one of those clips sits right here on my main computers, plural, and will get uploaded to a new host if necessary.

Anyway, sit tight, we’ll see what happens.